How It All Started  

Bruce and wife Kathy Bartley left the big city Chicago life in 1978, and found what they were searching for in the high desert valleys, hills and mountains of Harney County, OR. While raising a family of five children and learning from scratch how to organically garden and ranch, Bruce Bartley bootstrapped his own construction business after the closure of the local sawmill where he worked as a millwright.

Passionate about Decorative Concrete  

Eventually, we were building homes and commercial building projects with Bruce Bartley's designs. Our first love has always been concrete of all kinds and especially the decorative aspects of concrete. From stamped and stenciled concrete to overlays, countertops and vertical carving, the guys know their mud! For the past eight years, we have pushed toward focusing more energy on the new systems and products available for
concrete artists. 

More about Our Organic Concrete Garden Art 

In 2009, Bruce became interested in concrete mix design and the use of high performance additives that have been developed to get the most out of our humble product. In the past decade, fabric forming has been developed by engineers, architects, and pre-casters to create unique new panels for building construction.

As a confluence of advanced concrete materials, fabric forming applications and fortunate blunders, these unique new vessels were created.

We are proud to present a unique line of eclectic garden sculpture art that takes organic shapes from the plants in the garden. We are very excited to lead the way in this particular type of funicular shaped forming. A unique one-off work of art is created by "finding" the shape for each vessel. The resulting shape is nature's natural response to the pre-stressors applied to the concrete.

Our vessels range in height from 16" to 42" tall. The larger vases can accommodate a five gallon bucket for plant material. We carefully crate each piece and ship anywhere (additional charge). This is a highly custom product which allows us to respond to specific color, size and shape requirements.

Bruce and Kathy Bartley still live and work at the ranch near Burns, OR. Bruce Bartley, Ty McLean and Ted Savage have been creating decorative concrete artisan projects for the last 8 years at our studio and onsite construction projects.

Come See Us 

Our studio is located in the high desert country of beautiful eastern Oregon. We always welcome visitors. External link opens in new tab or windowVisit Rise&Run Construction Co. and Concrete Visions today. 


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