Pull Organic Shapes Into Your Home And Garden

OK, you are familiar with cultured stone. It seems to be on every restaurant and mall entrance in America. But what if you want something different, with really large rocks or a gnarly texture that the "lick and sticks" just can't do? Or what if smaller landscape boulders that can fit in a wheel barrow just are not big enough for what you have in mind.

Carving cement mortar into organic shapes is the most challenging and rewarding work we do. Staff carver Tyriel McLean was fortunate enough to work with renowned artist Thom Hunt to hone his skills in the carving craft. By taking advantage of modern mix design additives and application techniques, we are able to make the magic  happen in a vertical fashion. We can fabricate objects that look like large boulders, waterfalls, wood and trees, archways, and down to intricate "rock work". Make a real statement with your pool facade, water feature, ranch or farm entry, or staircase.

Our Hand Carved Mortar Cement 

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